Teach important terms with vocabulary bingo

Dayna Quick, College of Marin

As a way for students to recall important vocabulary terms, students can form groups (perhaps 4-5) to play a game of "Bingo". The instructor provides bingo cards with the course vocabulary terms - using several different arrangements of the terms on the cards depending on the group size. One student per group volunteers to be the 'caller', and receives a call list from the instructor that includes clues (based on definitions) and the appropriate terms. The caller calls out the clue for their group and the students work to identify the term on their bingo cards. This creates discussion and learning among the students. Students mark the correct term on their bingo cards until someone yells "Bingo!". 

I have used this in Geography courses as "Geo-Bingo" for basic terms related to the Geographic Grid and Earth-Sun Relationships. There are free programs online for creating bingo cards.