Flip your hybrid class

Cyndi Nienhaus, Marian University 

I teach a hybrid course where I meet with students face-to-face once a week and then have them complete work and participate in discussions online throughout the rest of the week.

I noticed that this particular class was a quiet one in the classroom, but had very robust conversations online.

I decided to "flip" the class and do the online work in the classroom and the classroom work online. For example, in the classroom, the students now watch webcasts, read additional articles, and engage in a conversation about the topic in the same format we had done online; online, they now view a powerpoint of the topic of the day and offer additional comments, questions, and insights.

Flipping the class in this manner has allowed my once quiet classroom to become a place where great and rich discussions take place. Our online conversations also have taken on a deeper tone because the students add additional and deeper insights of their learning based upon the in-class conversations.