Questions for a new term

Steve Hunsacker, Brigham Young University - Idaho

In a recent post to his blog, Grant Wiggins poses practical questions that help orient a course around the learning that matters most and to align course activities with those learning intentions. Great exercise at any time but especially helpful for anyone contemplating a new semester.

Having learned ______________[the key content], what should students come away able to do with it?

By the end of the course, what should students be better able to see and do on their own?

How should learners be affected by this course? If I am successful, how will learners have grown or changed?

If those are the skills, what is their purpose? What complex abilities – the core performances – should they enable?

Regardless if details are forgotten, in the end the students should leave seeing…able to…

Having read these books, students should be better able to…

What questions should students realize are important, and know how to address more effectively and autonomously by the end of the course?