About Pedagogy Unbound


Pedagogy Unbound is a website founded by David Gooblar in 2013, after a handful of great experiences at teaching sessions at academic conferences. At each of these sessions, whether the presentations were valuable or not, the discussion afterwards, inevitably including members of the audience discussing strategies that were effective in their classrooms, was consistently helpful. The site aims to provide a space for college teachers from all disciplines to easily share the practical strategies that have worked for them in their classrooms. 

David Gooblar is a lecturer in the Rhetoric department at the University of Iowa. He writes a regular column for the Chronicle of Higher Education's Vitae website, also called "Pedagogy Unbound". He's also the author of The Major Phases of Philip Roth, published by Continuum in 2011, and is the co-editor, with Aimee Pozorski, of Roth After Eighty: Philip Roth and the American Literary Imagination, to be published by Lexington Books later this year.

You can contact David at pedagogyunbound at gmail dot com.


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